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GoSun Sport

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GoSun Sport solar cooker is the world’s most practical and efficient solar oven on the market today. GoSun’s parabolic, tubular design works effectively in retaining 80-90% of all sunlight that is caught in its footprint. Cook a meal in less than 20 minutes, using no fuel – only sun.

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Product Description

GoSun Sport is our flagship portable, solar cooker! Weighing less than 5 lb., this sleek, compact solar oven can cook a meal in less than 20 minutes, reaching temperatures of over 500° F, using nothing but the sun! Fuel-free and stylish, take the GoSun with you on the move – anywhere you want. Great for outdoor adventures including hiking, fishing, camping, and boating. Even works in the arctic, or right after a snow storm! As long as you have strong sun shining, GoSun can cook your meal without the use of fuel.

The standard package includes a durable borosilicate, evacuated glass tube cooking chamber, two foldable parabolic reflectors that protect the tube like a clamshell, a stainless steel cooking tray with handle for getting food in and out, a rugged cleaning scrubby (attaches to the end of the tray, to double as cleaning tool), and a carrying handle that unfolds to become a set of support legs, which can be used to adjust the tube to face the sun in any position along two axis’.


GoSun Sport Product Specifications
Dry Weight: 5 lbs (2.2kg)
Oven Volume: 53oz (1.6L) liquid or up to 3 lbs (1.4kg) of food
Oven Dimensions: 2.8” (7.6cm) outside diameter, 2.3” (5.8cm) inside diameter , 24” (61cm) length
Unit Open Size: 24” (61cm) long x 16” (41cm) tall x 12” (30cm) wide
Unit Closed Size: 24” (61cm) long x 8” (20cm) tall x 5” (13cm) wide
Estimated Power Output: 230 Watts in full sunlight
Maximum Temperature: 700°F (371°C)
Working Temperature: 200°F (93°C) – 550°F (288°C)
Cooking Time: As fast as 10 minutes, see graph below for more info


Additional Information

Weight 8.00 lbs
Dimensions 29 x 10 x 6 in

1 review for GoSun Sport

  1. Susan Vonderhaar
    5 out of 5


    Marble potatoes is what my Mom’s farm family called those tiny ones that don’t get the chance to grow up. They creamed them in a skillet with onions. If they had the GoSun Stove like I do, they could have cooked them just as fast, with much less work for a more healthy and delicious meal. Just a sprinkle of salt added. Yum!
    I’m cooking up marble potatoes for breakfast in my east-facing window with GoSun.

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