Fuel-Free Cooking Solution

This versatile and powerful little stove can cook a meal in only 20 minutes and safely sizzle up to 550°F, all without the use of fuel. 

  • FAST: Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes in moderate sunlight.
  • PORTABLE: Assembles in seconds, weighing less than 4lbs
  • VERSATILE: Cook what you want and how you want. Bake, boil and fry; if there’s sun, you’re good to go.
  • FUEL FREE AND CLEAN: No burning charcoal embers to dispose of, no open flame to worry about. When you are done cooking, just fold up your GoSun and go.
  • KEEPS FOOD HOT FOR HOURS: Our evacuated tube technology is in essence a giant Thermos. This means that when spotty clouds arrive, the tube will remain hot and steadily cook between sun-breaks. Plus, it keeps your brownies warm for desert.

Using_The_Gosun-02Cook what you want, wherever you want.

Designed for simplicity, durability, and mobility. GoSun offers a convenient, user friendly package for our fast paced lives. The GoSun is as simple in principal as it is powerful, effectively retaining 90% of all sunlight that enters its reflectors. The technology relies on the principles of parabolic reflection, evacuation (for its insulating value) and the Greenhouse effect, to make the most advanced solar cooking device to date.

The GoSun will passively work its magic whenever the sun is shining.  Water can be heated and hot meals can be prepared with a little patience even on the coldest winter day.  A vacuum between two layers of tough glass prevents the outside ambient temperature from transferring into the inner cooking zone.

Social and Environmental Benefits:

  • Gender Equality and Women’s Rights - less time and resources spent gathering fuel and making fires, increasing time for education and development
  • Environmental Sustainability – by reducing the need for wood and charcoal, the GoSun will slow deforestation, soil loss, desertification
  • Indoor Air Quality – by eliminating much of the need for indoor cooking fires, the GoSun will reduce smoke inhalation, the second leading cause of death globally
  • Renewable Energy Access and Education - the GoSun is often the foot-in-the-door for a more solar fueled life
  • Energy Security – off-the-grid, self reliance, independence
  • No Child Left Inside – getting outdoors to stop Nature Deficiency Disorder