7 Tips to GoSun Like A Pro

February 29, 2016

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Solar Cooking   Tips  

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GoSun Sport Quinoa Kale Fish

With years of solar cooking under our belts, we've picked up some best practices that will make your solar cooking adventures even more enjoyable and delicious.


Siri Voice Alarm

1. Set A Timer

Treat the stove like an oven. Perhaps the most common mistake made by new GoSun users is underestimating how quickly food can cook on a sunny day. To prevent petrifying your potatoes, set a timer or just ask Siri to remind you.   


GoSun Solar Cooking Tips!

2. Line the Tray for Easy Cleanup

Tray liners are a great way of limiting mess and quickly transitioning from one dish to the next. There are a few techniques you can use depending on your culinary preferences. 

  • Parchment Paper:  Just fold the paper ends, like a canoe, and place into the tray. 4 in x 20in (10cm x 51cm) strips work perfectly. Make sure to leave ears on both ends to grab for easy extraction.
  • Silicone Mini Trays:  This recent discovery from the GoSun Community Kitchen not only saves cleanup but leaves your food looking picturesque afterward! (See above for an example.) Grab yourself a set here.


MyRadar Solar Cooking App

3. Use The My Radar App to Track Cloud Cover 

Cooking with the sun doesn't have to be a guessing game. When conditions are unsure, we use the MyRadar app, a production of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). To check approaching cloud cover, just turn on the "Clouds" layer in the App's settings. Easy, free and ultra-effective!
Download it here: iTunes / Android

GoSun Sport Shadow Timer Solar Cooking

 4. Set-It-And-Forget-It Using Shadows

Want a hands-free, set-it-and-forget-it approach to the perfect cook? By predicting the Sun's path you can use shadows as an auto timer to keep your food from overcooking. This technique just requires a bit of calculation, but the concept is simple. 

First, take a moment to observe how the Sun passes across the landscape and predict it's path. Once you have an idea, place the stove so that it will be shaded out in a time frame a bit longer than your expected cooking time. With this technique, you can return hours later to a hot meal, even after the Sun has gone down!

 Bread GoSun Grill Tips

6. Vent Moisture to Cook Crispy Breads 

Looking to get a good crust on your baguette? Here's the secret: once the bread has fully risen, open the tray and let out the moisture for a few seconds. Then continue cooking with the tray cracked open for another 5 minutes or until crunchy. 

The same technique can be used for meat with the GoSun Grill's drip tray, to get a more crispy texture on those chicken wings.


GoSun Solar Salmon- Solar Powered Recipe

7. Get Some Inspiration From the GoSun Recipe Blog and Community Kitchen Facebook Page

It's fun to experiment, but even Picasso needed some inspiration! Visit the GoSun Recipe Blog to explore our latest creations, such as our Solaricious Salmon Bake in a Butter Rub or our healthy and hearty Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf.

Have questions or ideas? Jump onto the 3,500 member strong GoSun Community Kitchen Facebook Page and join the discussion! 


GoSun Sport- Easy, Delicious, Fuel-Free

Matt Gillespie
Matt Gillespie


Matt is an Industrial Designer, Design Strategist and founding member of GoSun Stove. An avid gardener, cyclist and outdoor explorer, Matt brings his passion for connecting and serving others to the GoSun Team.

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