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GoSun Sport Cooking In Clouds

The Cutting Edge of Solar Technology

The GoSun's patented solar cooking technology can bake, boil or fry a meal using nothing but energy from the sun, even in clouds, wind and freezing conditions. Heating up to 550°F/280°C while staying cool to touch, the stove's performance is only made possible from a combination of ideal materials and clever engineering.

Let's take a look inside:

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Living the #VanLife, Ultra Runner Patrick Sweeney cooks while relaxing from his latest race.

GoSun Ambassador Patrick Sweeney has become a household name in the ultra-running community. The headline of Sweeney’s running blog reads, “Vicarist for Hire.” (A vicarist, being one who devotes their life to maximizing others' vicarious enjoyment.), and the ultra-runner does just that, making a living having fun so that others can go along for the ride.

Traveling the majority of the year of his tiny, off-grid trailer, dubbed the “Patcave.” (complete with its own Instagram profile), Patrick has perfected a lifestyle that's uniquely his own, choosing quality over quantity. 


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Solar Oven Cooker Comparison Infographic

Solar Cookers, Ovens and Stoves: Comparing The Options

Solar cooking has been getting a lot of good press in the last months, and for good reason! Solar cooking is a great idea for anyone looking to reduce their fuel use, keep their kitchen cool or find a more convenient alternative to a conventional stove.

Luckily, if you're searching for a solar cooker, you now have more options than ever. From an oven that can bake a Turkey, to a stove that can cook a meal under clouds and snow, solar cooking technology has come a long way since your grade pizza box oven!

Comparing stoves is like picking a car; each model excels for certain uses and but may fall short in others. If fact, it's common for solar chefs to combine technology to meet the needs of their situation and environment. In order to demystify the options, we have created a comparison looking the most popular solar cookers on the market. Due to the nature of the comparison, we have compared cooker types rather than models, with exception to the GoSun solar cooking devices which have no parallels.  

Consider a few key questions before exploring your options:

  • Do you have good continuous sunlight where you intend to cook?
  • Are you willing to change cooking habits to adapt to a new technology?
  • Do you plan on using the stove daily or just on occasion?
  • Will you use your cooker at home or for on-the-go adventure?
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GoSun Sport Quinoa Kale Fish

With a few years of solar cooking under our belts, we've picked up some best practices that will make your solar cooking adventures even more enjoyable and delicious.

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Want to live a life on the road?

Tiffany will show you how.

What some people see as a simple vacation other can make into a lifestyle (or better yet, an art). We discovered Tiffany a few months ago posting on the GoSun Community Kitchen. Her eye-catching recipes came attached with intriguing snip-bits and breathtaking landscapes. We had a feeling that there was a great story behind the photos and reached out to get the inside scoop behind this enigmatic RVing boondocker. 

What's your story? How did you get into full time RVing?

 I had moved/relocated exactly 40 times as an adult on my own. I have lived in several different states and many cities within those states. I had great experiences due to those moves, but eventually, I tired of buying and selling homes, the packing, the physical moves, etc. So, in the spring of 2014, I decided to simplify my life. What better way to continue to have great experiences and still satisfy my gypsy nature of “moving” than to start RVing?


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