Our Story


GoSun is a young company comprised of designers, engineers, and change-makers, intent on serving the world with unparalleled green cooking solutions. We’re passionate about our products and how they power our customers lives. Founded in a small suburban garage, we grew quickly thank's our community of committed customers, who no only believe in our products, but also use them to bring people together. 

At GoSun, we’re big believers in nourishing the good things in life and helping others do the same.
Patrick Shwerin GoSun River

Patrick's Story

After a long morning disassembling a solar water heating device, GoSun founder and solar energy expert, Patrick Sherwin, realized that the vacuum tubes sitting next to him might be able to reheat his lunch. When the food came out hot and roasted, it was an epiphany. Having lived extensively off the grid and working on solar energy projects around the world, he knew that he was on to something.

While volunteering with non-profits in Haiti and Latin America, Patrick experienced first-hand the vulnerability of energy poverty. Touched by the resilience and happiness of those living on just $2.00/day, he spent years facilitating technology, energy and social innovations in the developing world. These efforts, including many failures to introduce typical solar ovens, led to the realization that his solar hot dog cooker invention could be something more, serving a great need in emerging markets.

For the full story, listen to this interview with Patrick on the Inside the Adventure podcast. 


GoSun Dual Business Model

Dual Business Model

In order to bring solar energy solutions to the world, GoSun has two distinct arms of business: GoSun Stove a for-profit enterprise based in the USA, and GoSun Global, our social enterprise arm with the goal of introducing life-changing solar energy technology to emerging markets an accessible price point. First piloting our technology in Guatemala with the help of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves in 2014, we have since developed numerous private and public partners in Peru, Bolivia, Nigeria, Ghana and India. With more larger scale government supported pilots scheduled for 2017, GoSun Global is primed to make a significant impact in the near future.

Every purchase of a GoSun Stove brings us closer to making GoSun Global a significant force for change. To join us as we change the way the world cooks by signing up at the link below. 

GoSun Trees For The Future Tree PlantingAddressing Global Warming Via Reforestation

We believe our breakthrough solar ovens can help combat global warming by significantly cutting back on the use of fossil fuels. To ensure that our “footprint” is emission-free, all the way back to the manufacture of our ovens, we plant 20 trees for every GoSun Stove sold, with the help of our partners at Trees for the Future. In the last four years, GoSun has helped to plant over 12,000 trees throughout West Africa.