GoSun Grill Shipping Rewards Program

We’d love to reward you and send your GoSun Grill for free*…. First we need a few minutes of help spreading the word.  As a small start-up business, we depend heavily on the word-of-mouth and enthusiasm of our customers.  A few clicks from you will make our dreams take off.   

Carefully follow these instruction so you can “share” GoSun's campaign with your friends or on your social media and preferred website. When your people visit GoSun's Kickstarter campaign you will be earning shipping credit. Once you’ve connected just 25 people, your shipping is free!*

    1. Sign-Up: Fill in Form Below
    2. Get your Personalized Link: Once submitted, you’ll receive a unique URL (bit.ly weblink) via email (please allow some time to receive your link)
    3. Share: The email will provide several methods for connecting with your network
    4. Track Progress: After sharing, you can enter a “+” at the end of your bit.ly URL to see how you’re doing
    5. Follow-Up: Reply to GoSun's Reward email once you’ve reached your goal, and we’ll send you a $50 refund at the end of the campaign

* "FREE" relates to domestic $50 shipping only, for international shipping and shipping costs above $50, your cost will be reduced by $50 with confirmation of 25 people referred via your link