GoSun Grill (Pre-Order)

Revolutionary Solar Grill, Next Shipment Arriving Spring 2017

Easy, fast and delicious, this fuel-free cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight people, (4x more food than the speedier GoSun Sport) using only the Sun.

GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker Open Food Cooking


Meet the GoSun Grill: A Complete Redesign of the Modern Grill

  • Versatile: Roast, bake, steam, and fry; cooks everything a charcoal grill can't 
  • No Monitoring Needed: No burnt food, just set it and go
  • No Carbon Crud: No dirty fuel makes transportation easy and cleanup a breeze
  • Delicious + Nutritious: Cooking evenly and retaining your food's moisture, you will taste the difference 
  • Goes Everywhere: Deck, boat, park, beach or kitchen, simply fold the reflectors and go
  • Future Options: GoSun is working on a suite of accessories/upgrades such as a Grill Stand and the ability to Cook at Night 
GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker Bake Boil Fry

GoSun Grill Product Specifications:

  • Cooking Time: From 10 minutes up to two hours, depending on meal & conditions
  • Dry Weight: Grill: 30 lbs (13.6kg)
  • Total Oven Volume: 246oz (7.3L) 
  • Cooking Pans: Stainless Steel, Qty. 2 Pans, Total Volume 108oz (3.2L), Each Pan Dimensions: 9.8" (25cm) length, 4.5"(11.4cm) width, 3" (7.6cm) height
  • Oven Opening Diameter (ID): 5.3” (13.5cm) 
  • Closed Grill Dimensions: 25” (64cm) length, 12.6” (32cm) height , 11” (28cm) width 
  • Open Grill Dimensions: 25” (64cm) length, 12.6” (32cm) height, 18.5” (47cm) width 
  • Estimated Power Output: 250 Watts in full sunlight 
  • Maximum Temperature: 450°F (232°C) 
  • Working Temperature: 250°F (121°C) - 425°F (218°C) 


    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker

    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker

    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker

    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker

    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker

    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker




    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker How It Works


    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker VS Charcoal Propane Grill




    GoSun Grill Solar Stove Cooker Materials

    Shipping Rates

    Domestic Shipping to the USA is FREE!  The best way to check shipping rates on the GoSun Grill, is to add the item to your cart, and then place your address into the shipping estimator. Each country we ship to has different shipping rates, so this is the most accurate way to check! 

    Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email which serves as your receipt.  Most domestic orders ship via UPS ground. International orders ship via USPS and/or DHL air freight. As soon as your order ships, you will receive tracking details via email! As always, feel free to contact us anytime with an email to support@gosunstove.com.



    Warranty Details

    The GoSun Grill comes with a Two-Year, "No-Questions-Asked" Warranty on the vacuum cooking chamber. This cooking tube is made of borosilicate glass, and is extremely durable, much like other common forms of Pyrex ® cookware. If you have any troubles, we will send you a replacement tube FREE of charge to anywhere in the world... we just ask that you pay the associated shipping costs.


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