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You don't have to see the sun to solar cook.
GoSun is so effective that no day is off limits.




GoSun Stove Portable


Deploys in seconds and collapses into a durable package. GoSun anywhere!



No mess. No flames. No cost. Always prepared for delicious.

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The tubes are durable, made of borosilicate glass (like Pyrex®). If it breaks, we've got you covered.



We put together this quick time-lapse video to show you just how quick and easy it is to cook with the sun. These solar baked blueberry muffins are just one of 1000′s of recipes you can enjoy with the GoSun. Your family will enjoy learning about solar energy while cooking!



Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the GoSun?

At 2 feet long and 2.25 inches round, the GoSun can handle over 3 pounds of food or fluid. That’s enough to feed 3-4 people with each batch – i.e. 12 standard hotdogs at a time.

Is it fragile?

No, it is not fragile. Yes, it is made from the highest-grade borosilicate (Pyrex) glass.The GoSun can handle a few fumbles at the tailgate or frisbee dings on the beach. The package is designed to protect and encase the glass tube so you don’t have to worry.

How long does it take to cook?

Under full sun, it takes about 10 minutes to heat up four standard hot dogs. About 20 minutes to make scrambled eggs. Allow 30 minutes to prepare a few pounds of raw meat. It depends on what you’re cooking; our user’s guide will give you better guidelines.

Is it safe to touch or move while it's hot?

Of course it is. We would not develop a product that was not totally safe and user friendly. Even when the oven is over 600 degrees you can grab the GoSun by the tube – that’s space-age vacuum tube technology.

Can I buy a bigger GoSun?

We are working to develop multiple GoSun options including larger and smaller units. The timeframe for product release is currently unknown.

How do you check the temperature or know when the food is done?

It’s easy, you just pull the tray out a few inches and look. We are developing a thermometer accessory to display the oven’s internal temperature.

Can it cook in the winter?

Yes, the vacuum insulator provides unbelievable insulation from the elements; freezing cold or wind have just a minor effect, but rain is another story, because it typically means no sun.

Why is the tube colored blue?

The GoSun is trying to catch and absorb as much sunlight as possible. The outside coating of the inner tube is a metallic paint called aluminum nitrile which has a high absorbency.

Are there any toxic elements?

No, the GoSun is perfectly safe for use in preparing and consuming food. You’re basically cooking in Pyrex bakeware.

How long does it take to heat up?

5-10 minutes. There is not much thermal mass to the glass tube to pre-heat. Full temperature can be reached in less than 20 minutes.

Does it store heat or can it be used at night?

No, there’s not much stored heat. It’s a solar oven, not a moon oven.

How do you carry it?

The legs fold up and become a big handle for carrying. The reflectors also wrap around the tube to protect it. Optional carrying cases are being developed as well.

Can it boil water?

Yes, the GoSun can elevate water to boiling temperatures but it will not rapidly boil water like your stove.

How do you clean it?

First of all, most of the mess is inside the cooking tray which is easy to clean by hand and dishwasher safe. After many uses the tube may develop a greasy coating. A metal scrubber is included with the device and is inserted into the tube along with a little soap and water. Rinse as needed.