This Solar Cooker
Changes Everything.

Only 20 minutes to a meal, safely sizzling up to 550°F,
the GoSun Stove is the first truly practical
fuel-free cooking solution.

United Nations Foundation
Food Republic
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Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, utilizing every drop of sunshine.


Pre-assembled package, deploy in seconds, weighing less than 4lbs without food.


Cook what you want and how you want. Bake, boil and fry; if there’s sun, you’re good to go.

Fuel-Free & Clean

No burning charcoal embers to dispose of, no open flame to worry about. When you are done cooking, just fold up your GoSun and go.

Summer or Winter

If there is sunlight, you are cooking, even after a snow; plus, the wind won’t steal your heat.

Keep Food Hot

Our evacuated tube technology is in essence a giant thermos. This means that when spotty clouds arrive, the tube will remain hot!



Cook A Meal in Less Than 20 Minutes, Without Any Fuel!

We put together this quick time-lapse video to show you just how quick and easy it is to cook with the sun. These solar baked blueberry muffins are just one of 1000′s of recipes you can enjoy with the GoSun. Your family will enjoy learning about solar energy while cooking!